Friday, February 7, 2014

Week 1

I am both excited and disappointed.. I woke up this morning dreading to step on that scale.. I almost walked right passed it thinking maybe it didn't see me.. lol! But I jumped on it, and I peeked down and 3lbs gone! My first reaction was seriously only 3 lbs? Then my second reaction was, wait that's 3lbs!!! Then my 3rd reaction was doubt.. I was like wait a second what did I wear on my first weigh in,, maybe that was 3lbs heavier then what I am wearing now and I probably haven't lost anything.. but I remembered that actually I was wearing almost the same thing.. then I thought hmm.. I should go empty my bladder real quick and then weigh myself again cause that might be more off and then I can share with you how I lost another 2 lbs just by peeing!! haha!! But in reality it only dropped my weight like 2 ozs... lol!

So yes, after all that I am proud of myself! I know I can't expect to loose 10lbs every week cause that would kill me.. and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm NOT on a diet... I'm on a journey to change what I eat, how I eat, and why I eat.

On a side note, I read an article today, did you know that on the show "Biggest Loser" that they actually don't weigh in every week? It's actually every like every 16-25 days! But the show says it's every week.. What a MISCONCEPTION!!  Seriously! Here I am in awe of them loosing 5-8 lbs a week and it's actually over the course of 16-25 days! Here's a link to that article : CLICK HERE 

One thing I did notice about myself is that at night time I am "hungry".. I put that word into quotation marks cause I can't explain it... I'm not like stomach grumbling hungry but I'm hungry.. I'm not craving anything either I'm just hungry.. I have caved a couple nights this week but the nights I haven't caved, I've noticed I've slept better.. I have no idea if that is linked in anyway but it's definitely an observation I"m going to keep observing.
So this week I'm hoping to step it up more and I'm going to keep track of my calories... I'm going to try to list them here to everyday.. So That way having you all know what I'm eating can help me make better choices!! :D Also by the way, I can't believe my first post has almost 1000 views on it! I'm in shock! Thank you all for such nice encouraging words and support! You all are amazing and I'm blessed!